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An Example Of A Quality Blog Post That Demonstrates Expertise And Brings In Leads From Google

The Benefits of Consistent Blogging

The SEO Umbrella
1. The Benefits of Consistent Blogging

Today we’re talking about blog posts and the positive impact they can have for your business and your online visibility. This is part of the SEO Umbrella series, so if you haven’t seen those blogs posts and videos, check ’em all out here.

If you’d rather watch the Video version of this post, click here to check it out on my YouTube Channel.

Blogs Provide More “Virtual Real Estate”

The first major benefit is that properly written and optimized blog posts gives search engines more “virtual real estate” to latch onto, meaning your company has more chances to show up in search results – especially when people are searching with an informational intent. This is when people make a search with the intent of getting a question answered or learning more about a topic.

Blogs Demonstrate Your Expertise

For example, let’s say I strolled outside in the middle of summer to see my air conditioning unit covered in ice. I pull out my phone and Google,

Ice on outside air conditioning unit

I click on the first link, which takes me to a company called “Reddi HVAC”. As I read the article, I learned about all the different reasons ice can accumulate on an air conditioning unit. It’s pretty obvious that I’m gonna need to call a professional to see what’s up.

I might look through this website a bit more to learn about this company, but as I’m already on the site, they’re clearly an expert in the industry, and they’ve built trust and gratitude in my mind by answering my original question, I’ll probably just call them.

If you’re a competing local HVAC company that doesn’t have helpful blog posts and that doesn’t demonstrate your expertise, you’ve just lost business to “Reddi” Heating and Cooling.

Consistent, Quality Blogging is Best

Okay, so now you’re convinced that blogs can bring you leads. Your next thought might be to just sit down and churn out 10 blog posts, throw ’em on your website and be done with it. This would be a subpar strategy. Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is something that Google specifically pays attention to, so there are benefits to being consistent with adding new content.

Something you don’t want to do is add new content just for the sake of adding new content, however. It needs to provide actual value to your website visitor, and it needs to be optimized for SEO.

Easily Re-purpose Your Blogs!

Keep in mind that blog posts can be pretty easily leveraged through your other marketing efforts as well. Once written and placed on your website, it’s easy to share your new post on social media, in newsletters, and maybe even have your sales team refer prospects to specific posts that answer particular questions.

So – is your company investing in consistent blog posts? If you wanna be like “Reddi HVAC” instead of that other HVAC company that lost business, then give a call or send me a message, and we’ll talk about all of your website and digital marketing needs.


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