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Straightforward Help, Communication, & Expertise

Hi! I’m Jake Evans – Digital Marketer, Web Developer/Designer, Consultant. I’m currently employed by High Level Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency serving the Southeast and Northern Midwestern areas,  in markets such as Birmingham, Nashville, Montgomery, Huntsville, Houston, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, etc. I’m originally from Kansas, and after serving 6 years in the Air Force, I spent time employed by various government and civilian organizations in Charlottesville, VA, Washington, DC, and the Birmingham, AL areas, to also include several years as a self-employed freelancer.

Website Design

Experienced with Website Design utilizing WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms, with a focus on accomplishing business goals – not just web design for website design’s sake.

Digital Marketing

Experienced with Digital Marketing – a broad term encompassing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media, and more.


Not sure where to start in this increasingly online world? Just need someone to point you in the right direction and answer a few questions? I can help with that.

Custom Development

Need a custom solution tailored specifically to your needs? I can do that. I specialize in WordPress plugin development, but can also utilize the fundamentals of the web to create what you need.

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